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Jul 14 , 2006:
Race for Life
The Gateshead run took place on Sunday 21st May, and was one of 230 events taking place across the UK....
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Jun 06 , 2006:
Wrexham Gym Re-Opening after a £12,000 facilities upgrade on the 19th June 2006...
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Jun 01, 2006:
We are currently enroling for our next Military Preparation Courses in Bangor and Wrexham. Start date 5th June. For more information call either centre. 
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Food Science Courses...

Health & Safety Training To coincide with important changes in food safety legislation, and in particular to emphasise the duty of businesses to produce food safely and consistently through documented and validated food safety management procedures based on HACCP, new and revised courses are being introduced by CIEH during 2006. These courses will initially run alongside existing ones but will eventually replace them.
The first series of courses are being developed to cover the catering / hospitality sector, in line with the new legislation – The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations – that will affect all catering businesses from 1st January 2006. A similar series of qualifications will be developed for food safety in the manufacturing and retail sectors.

The new qualifications will be at four levels:

Level 1 – aimed at those who handle low risk or wrapped food only, before starting work or as part of an induction programme.

Level 2 – aimed at those who handle open, ‘high risk’ foods and equating to the present Foundation or Basic qualification.

Level 3 – aimed at food handlers who also have a supervisory / management role and equating to the present Intermediate qualification.

Level 4 – aimed at food handlers who also have a management role and equating to the present Advanced qualification.

Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene – Level 1

Food Science Courses

First level course (originally known as Basic Food Hygiene), incorporating fundamental food hygiene knowledge for all food handlers in catering and hospitality, retail, manufacturing, health and social care.
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Advanced Certificate in Food Safety – Level 3

Food Science Courses - Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene - Level 1

Course designed for managers, supervisors and senior hygiene personnel enabling them on completion to guide and advise on all aspects of the management of food hygiene in a food business.
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