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Jul 14 , 2006:
Race for Life
The Gateshead run took place on Sunday 21st May, and was one of 230 events taking place across the UK....
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Jun 06 , 2006:
Wrexham Gym Re-Opening after a £12,000 facilities upgrade on the 19th June 2006...
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Jun 01, 2006:
We are currently enroling for our next Military Preparation Courses in Bangor and Wrexham. Start date 5th June. For more information call either centre. 
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First Aid Courses...

There are over 900,000 personal injury accidents in the work place each year. It is an alarming statistic. Even so, few people have enough knowledge of FirstFirst Aid Training Aid to be able to help. Having First Aid knowledge could be the difference between life and dealth. Just knowing how to communicate and delegate in an emergency is just as important as, logging and reporting incidents. At the very least, casualties can be made comfortable and minor injuries attended to before the emergency services arrive. This is where we come in...

HSE 4 Day First Aid at Work

First Aid- HSE 4 Day First Aid at Work

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of First aid for adults and children including communication and delegation, managing incidents, priorities of first aid, resuscitation, control of bleeding, treatment of shock, unconciousness, heart attacks and fractures.
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HSE 2 Day Re-Qualification

First Aid- HSE 2 Day Re-Qualification

This course is HSE approved and has been developed for those already qualified in first aid to update and to re-qualify their existing knowledge and skills. Course Content includes Managing incidents, CPR and priorities of first aid, Unconsciousness and choking, control of bleeding, Fractures, burns and shock, recognition and treatment of various medical conditions.
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