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Jun 06 , 2006:
Wrexham Gym Re-Opening after a £12,000 facilities upgrade on the 19th June 2006...
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Jun 01, 2006:
We are currently enroling for our next Military Preparation Courses in Bangor and Wrexham. Start date 5th June. For more information call either centre. 
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May 29, 2006:
New Course: Are you overweight? Are you under exercised?
Are you in need of support and guidance from bullying? Why not join Ace2000's new Slim 4 Success Course. Open to young persons from 11 - 19, or 19+.
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Conflict Resolution Courses...
- NHS Organisations Courses

Those placed in vulnerable and potentially dangerous situations by virtue of their occupation should rightly expect the highest possible level of support, guidance and protection provided by their employers.

Therefore, it is extremely important that those working in and for the NHS feel safe and secure in their working environment. This is not only because violent behaviour against staff affects them personally, but also because it directly affects the standard of patient care in the NHS.Conflict Resolution Courses - NHS Organisations Courses The training provided by ACE2000 has been developed over the past ten years to assist all professionals to deal effectively with incidents of potential violence and aggression within their working environment. Our training is in line with the Secretary of States directive regarding "zero tolerance on aggression" on NHS staff and is supported by the British Medical Association, UNISON and the Royal College of Nursing.

All of our training staff have attended the approved Counter Fraud and Security Management Services (CFSMS) familiarisation course for the National Syllabus in Conflict Resolution Training and are fully familiar with the ten objectives:

  • Describe common causes of conflict
  • Describe the two forms of 'Communication'
  • Give examples of how communication can breakdown
  • Explain 3 examples of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution
  • Describe patterns of behaviour they may encounter during different interactions
  • Give examples of the different warning and danger signs
  • Give examples of impact factors
  • Describe the use of distance when dealing with conflict
  • Explain the use of 'reasonable force' as it applies to conflict resolution
  • Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations
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