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Jun 06 , 2006:
Wrexham Gym Re-Opening after a £12,000 facilities upgrade on the 19th June 2006...
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Jun 01, 2006:
We are currently enroling for our next Military Preparation Courses in Bangor and Wrexham. Start date 5th June. For more information call either centre. 
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May 29, 2006:
New Course: Are you overweight? Are you under exercised?
Are you in need of support and guidance from bullying? Why not join Ace2000's new Slim 4 Success Course. Open to young persons from 11 - 19, or 19+.
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'Outdoor Management Development'

Outdoor Management Development (OMD) is just one of the ways in which Ace 2000 inspires staff. There are many benefits of using our OMD programme. Most are based on the idea of “learning by doing”.
Corporate Events - Corporate Entertainment - Outdoor Managment Development These are real life experiences where failure and success can have immediate repercussions for the participants. Our outdoor activities enable individuals to respond to a situation in a similar manner to how they would respond to a problem at work.
Our programmes allow the development of trust and mutual support that enables participants to return to the workplace highly motivated.
Our outdoor locations are a means, not an end, to highlight and dramatise the learning experience. They are not used to test physical levels or to identify experts in outdoor pursuits.

Our ultimate aims are to develop:

  • Team work
  • Team Spirit
  • Morale
  • Leadership
  • Effective Management

  • 'Team Building'

    The term team building has, unfortunately, become used to describe virtually any activity that a group undertakes together. This approach has often lead to a team building course being an unfocused selection of activities that may entertain but do not really address the problems your team may be experiencing in the workplace.

    Corporate Events - Corporate Entertainment - Team Building We work with you to identify your specific training requirements and provide a programme that sets out to strengthen these areas, using the outdoors as our training medium. Common areas of team development are: communication, trust, social relations, awareness of team roles and skills, introducing new team members, ever changing teams, co-ordination and task assessment. Please call us and find out what we can do for you!

    Team Building Activities can include:

  • Centre Island
  • Bridge Too Far
  • Team Challenges
  • Simulated River Crossing
  • Walk the Plank
  • Extraction / Beat the Clock
  • Old Rope
  • Water re-supply
  • Run for Home
  • Treasure / Initiative Hunt
  • Mind The Gap
  • Mission Impossible
  • Rope Square
  • Drop the Egg

  • 'Leadership Development'

    Although leadership training is based on the management of others, many of the skills required for clear, dynamic team leadership are just as applicable as those who work alone.
    The appreciation of information, prioritising, decision making, strategy development at speed, understanding the different styles of management required for different tasks, all these skills can be developed and utilised in every working environment.

    'Training Camps' The SAS Style training is team building or a conference with a difference. You will work as a team performing skills that you have never done before. Culminating in an actual hostage rescue from terrorists who will be using automatic weapons (blank firing), smoke, radios and many other gadgets.

    The FBI Style training gives you a chance to be a cinema hero as you learn the driving and shooting skills required to join the ranks of Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster and David Duchovny and become an FBI Agent for the day. Learn how to get out of an ambush, how to shoot straight in all situations and how to save your favourite celebrity form the terrorists.

    The SURVIVAL training camps involve instruction on how to survive the outdoors UNAIDED. This includes finding water and building shelters, improvised medicine and first aid. For the really adventurous why not try our two day course, or take things one step further by participating on one of the many world wide expeditions which last from a week to a month.

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