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Jun 06 , 2006:
Wrexham Gym Re-Opening after a £12,000 facilities upgrade on the 19th June 2006...
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Jun 01, 2006:
We are currently enroling for our next Military Preparation Courses in Bangor and Wrexham. Start date 5th June. For more information call either centre. 
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May 29, 2006:
New Course: Are you overweight? Are you under exercised?
Are you in need of support and guidance from bullying? Why not join Ace2000's new Slim 4 Success Course. Open to young persons from 11 - 19, or 19+.
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Alternative Curriculum Education...

Alternative Curriculum Education ACE is a vibrant and dedicated training company that delivers various training programmes in a variety of different occupational sectors including: New Deal Students, Community Training, School Alternative Curriculum Programmes (Yr 8 – Yr 11), working with Disaffected Young People ‘who are not necessarily unintelligent’, E2E students and Education Action Zone programmes as well as Military Preparation Courses in Wrexham, Bangor and Gateshead.

ACE is an accredited outreach-training centre working with various Awarding Bodies for the delivery of Further Education. We are able to show audited reports, student tracking systems, evaluations and health and safety records and procedures. We also have a number of clients who welcome the opportunity to discuss the success of the courses we have provided for them in the past.

Our principal aims are to continue to provide successful high quality training, in terms of achievement and high levels of student retention. This has been achieved by providing relevant, challenging and interesting course content.

The emphasis of our training is placed on practical application of knowledge, skills and suitable attitudes to learning. Experienced tutors, using already tried and trusted teaching methods that include formal, informal and experiential learning, deliver our training. Our flexible approach to teaching has proved essential to existing clients whose students have benefited from our delivery methods. The knowledge, skills and attitudes underpinning our training are generic, and can be transferred to any variety of employment situations.

The majority of the students that will be engaged by the project have lost sight of personal goals, have lost valuable self-esteem and confidence and therefore lost the motivation to succeed. At the start of any provision the beneficiary and the trainer sit and go through the Individual Training/Action Plan. This will detail previous experience, individual talents and strengths and personal goals. It will also highlight areas of weakness and identify perceived or real barriers that have prevented success in the past.

Alternative Curriculum Education ACE is very well placed in respect of trained and experienced staff, particularly in regards to course delivery. We are a flexible organisation with robust staff that has the ability to control lively groups and relate teaching to future careers. Due to their background Tutors are able to support and mentor individuals to maintain high levels of enthusiasm, drive, support and like-minded thinking throughout the duration of the course. The latter, we believe, will provide the continuity needed in a course of this nature.

All staff are CRB checked, with many being trained by the Prison Service in Physical Control in Care (PCC), which is a system used in secure training centres. They have all recently achieved their 1886 City & Guilds Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

The Company Directors, Learning & Skills Council and Awarding Body Authorities manage the quality assurance procedures for our company. Audits are filed in our centres for students, staff or other authorities to read. We are committed to attaining ISO9001 by October 2006.

“All portfolios seen demonstrate good assessment and Internal Verification Practice. Candidates show a thorough knowledge of award which they have achieved. This is a model centre for the management of NVQ Level 1”

Sean Chapman, External Verifier City & Guilds, March 2006.

All our staff has an affinity and empathy with young adults. We are totally committed to changing attitudes and on occasion life-style, determined that through our mentoring and tutoring approach, students can develop good interpersonal and personal skills. We are confident that our training thoroughly prepares the students with the knowledge and skills expected of them to work effectively and confidently in any working environment.

We are not tied down to academic timetables, therefore we are able to deliver a flexible working programme in conjunction with existing School Partners, or we could deliver the whole programme.

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